Youth Wellness Forum with PHASE 1 Association

At the beginning of 2021, I participated in a very impactful event that focused on Youth Mental Wellness.

As a sports family, our inability to participate in competitively due to COVID has greatly affected many of our student athletes mental state.

The event was hosted by PHASE 1 Youth Association led by Director Wayne Dawkins.

The following topics were discussed during 4 day event were
1) Self- Awareness
2) Self-Management
3) Responsible Decision Making
4) Social Awareness
5) Relationship Skills

For my part, I discussed tools and ideas to help the participants Stay Organized During Uncertainty. 

I’m grateful and happy to be a mentor to our youth and ensuring them that they matter.

A special thank you Wayne and all the other mentors that also participated.  

Together we’ll continue to Support, Cheer, Unite on and off the courts/fields.

For full recap of the event, head over to the PHASE 1’s  page.