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Andrew Pavao is the founder of Toronto Top Tier Hoops. As a long time sports figure in the Ontario basketball scenes, Coach Andrew has been unitying the Toronto sports community together over the last 10yrs.

The creation of Toronto Top Tier provides mentorship and development to young athletes through training, camps and tournaments.

Listen to what Top Tier means and how they continue to build a community of Student Athletes on and off the court.

Top take aways

1) Remember the FUNdamentals of being an athlete and sports family

2) Take time to understand your student athletes and speak to them at the level they can understand

3) Collaboration is key, this includes parents, coaches and other clubs

4) The talent in Canada 🇨🇦 is just as good, let’s continue to put effort and energy to growing it

5) Top Tier is open to all so watch out for new and exciting news. Follow @torontotoptier to stay in the loop

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