What does basketball scouts look for in Canadian athletes? The Monday Morning Report with Wes Brown

Wes Brown is a basketball scout and the founder of Monday Morning Scout Report. Wes has been working within the Canadian basketball scene for years providing in depth reports on prospects to coaches and schools. Listen as Wes shares what he looks for in an athlete and what makes athletes can do to be recruit able.

Key takeaway:

  • As an athlete have a good ball IQ
  • Be aware of your behaviour whether on or off the court
  • When sending videos – full game is often preferred
  • Highlight reels are good but make sure you start with your best move
  • Don’t worry about being discovered, have a good relationship with your coach and keep focusing on your work.  You will be  found.
  • The basketball scene in Canada is well connected so don’t worry or focus solely on U.S. Keep working on your skills

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