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As sports families we understand the importance of the role sports plays in our lives and our children’s lives.

While the whole world continues to deal with the pandemic, many of us especially  parents have to manage so much more than we are used to.

For example, when we ask someone how they are doing, are we really interested in knowing?

Are we ready to share everything when we ourselves are asked?

How does one even share what they are feeling or thinking when the whole world seems to be uncertain?

 During the week of May 3rd – May 9th, the sports community recognizes the importance of mental health on athletes and their families.

Here at Baller Mom, I too recognize this and would like to share some ways I’ve learned to take care of my mental health as well as providing support to those in need.

  • When something upsets me or makes me happy I acknowledge it
  • Unplug digitally (phone, TV etc) when my head hurts
  • I watch shows and movies that are uplifting and keeps me laughing
  • I walk about 3-5 times a day during the week (without the phone) for physical health
  • I drink more water so I’m reminded to get up more often
  • When asked how I’m doing, I honestly answer what I’m feeling or thinking at the moment
  • I talk on the phone more than text so I can hear the person on the other end voice and attentively listen

Unsure of what to say when you know someone is in need?

Try these simple questions to ‘check in’ with a friend or family.

  1. How are you physically feeling today?  
  2. What’s taking most of your time today?
  3. What’s one of the tastiest food you had today?
  4. What did you do that made you feel good?

  5. What are you grateful for right now?

  6. How can I help?

It’s not easy to open ourselves up or define what we may be feeling, but no matter how heavy the situation having someone that is there to listen and lend a helping hand, ear, heart and voice is often enough.

As parents let’s continue to check in on each other, attentively listen and continue to heal while doing the same for our  kids because we are more powerful when we support each other.

If you are in need to having a talk or someone to listen (judgment free) contact via email  at 

You can also check out the resources page for organizations that provide support including mental and emotional healthiness.

Together we’ll continue to support, cheer, unite.

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