Under Rated No More: Understaning the power of words as student athletes

Under Rated No More is a writing program for youth student athletes.

As an experienced baksetball  coach and Baller Mom of 3 boys, Hinnah  Ansari shared her views and advise to other parents and how we can all work toghether to ensure our student athletes literature needs are met.

Hinnah’s passion for learning and sharing is why she founded Under Rated  No More.  This new and much needed program teaches youth athletes how to write and foster love of literature.

For student athletes it’s important to understand the language of sports. Hinnah teaches young student athletes the importane of writing and vocabulary to help them understand their game and express it in other forms.

I recently sat down with Hinnah to learn more about the program. 

View recap of our conversation below.

The lessons done for FREE via Zoom.

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We also discussed other topics on our experiences as mothers of athletes, social justice and life.

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