Tryout Season: Guide to selecting sports team for first time sports parents

Within the last few months, I conducted surveys to find out what matters to parents when looking or joining a team/club.  Here are some of the key factors that were addressed.

LOCATION: This is where teams practice and train. 

The location(s) where team practice and train is one deciding factor when selecting a team.


Having consistency in dates and times for practices is key to managing our schedules. Some families have multiple athletes in the home with either the same or different sports, age groups etc.

Along with school and any other personal/family requirements, consistent schedule is one major factor when selecting a team.


Few things in life are Free and sports is a business.

The pandemic has impacted all on different levels. The cost for team sports is one that we expect will be impacted. 

Parents require detailed and honest explanation on what is the overall cost to joining a team to clearly understand what the fee include.


  • Game uniforms, practice shirts, backpacks, travel fees, insurance etc.
  • Are there additional fee per tournaments
  • Is practice and training location rental included
  • What is the preferred payment structure and method?
  • Will a receipt be issued
  • What is the refund policies? (if any)

Here at Baller Mom, I too recognize this and would like to share some ways I’ve learned to take care of my mental health as well as providing support to those in need.

  • When something upsets me or makes me happy I acknowledge it
  • Unplug digitally (phone, TV etc) when my head hurts
  • I watch shows and movies that are uplifting and keeps me laughing
  • I walk about 3-5 times a day during the week (without the phone) for physical health
  • I drink more water so I’m reminded to get up more often
  • When asked how I’m doing, I honestly answer what I’m feeling or thinking at the moment
  • I talk on the phone more than text so I can hear the person on the other end voice and attentively listen


While most people often return to their previous teams, many also change for various reasons.

For parents joining new teams these are some of the things we need to know to better understand the role players will have on the team.


  • How many players are on the rooster?
  • What role is expected for each player?
  • Are there A and B type team?
  • Does previous playing experience matter? – if so, what is the expected number of years of experience to join
  • Is everyone new or returning?
  • What types of activities are done to help athletes bond and get to know each other?
  • Is the team all about winning, developing, growing etc?

If you are still looking for a team check out the Resources section for teams and their contacts or email me to for assistance.

Together we’ll continue to support, cheer, unite.