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The inaugural True North Prep National Champion presented by Nike Canada occurred on March 25th – March 27th, held a the famous Humber College north campus in Toronto, Ontario.

This tournament brought together winners of Canada’s top 4 senior boys Prep Circuits which consisted of  Platinum Circuit, OSBA, NPA, and NPUBA along with Kia Top 25 ranked teams.

The 3 day tournament consisted of highly competitive games for the student athletes of which many were in their final high school year.

In attendance were many Colleges and University coaches, NCAA scouts, media personnel, content creators, family, teammates and players.

The final day consisted of an All Star game, 3pt contest and Dunking competition.  Seeing them in person was entertaining and energetic.  Overall, the talent pool in Canadian basketball is on the rise and I was happy to see the level of elite competition that each player brought.

In the end J. Addison Prep school was crowned the True North Prep National Champions over Polaris Prep.

Overall, this was a well managed tournament filled great sponsorship, media coverage with elite talented players.  Looking forward to next year but for more coverage check out my Instagram page and YouTube.


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