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Ariel Garten is the founder of Muse an EEG powered sleep tracking and meditation device that helps you meditate and sleep with real-time feedback from your brain.

This unique device is great for everyone especially those of us with busy schedules as well as our athletes. Ariel is a mother, a neuroscientist, designer and entrepreneur. She understands how hard it can be handling multiple tasks.

With MUSE you can see how your brain and breathing are in real time. It also provides you with tangible insights that can be implemented to improve your overall mental health through meditation. It can be used by all members of the family.

Through the Muse meditation APP you can create fun challenges with each other while helping to keep your family together. I had the opportunity to meet with Ariel during 2023 Collision conference in Toronto. Here is my conversation with Ariel talking about MUSE, motherhood and the importance of taking time for her health.

The MUSE APP is available to on Google Play or Apple and they ship worldwide with supporting multiple languages.  

This is a great tool to have as a sports family.

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To connect with the MUSE team see below for all their contact info.


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