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Coach Ro as he’s wildly known in the basketball community for over 20yrs is known for his coaching, mentoring and supporting Canadian student athletes from Grassroots to Elite.

He’s now utilizing his knowledge and experiences as a consultant for Coaches, Organizations, Corporation and even governing boards from various basketball countries. This includes guiding parents and their student athletes with the requirements and resources needed to pursue their journey.

Watch as he shares more of how he started, why he’s semi-retired and what we can expect from him on his next endeavours.

Some key takeaway:

  • – If you’re not the tallest or have higher profile in your club, don’t give up. Keep working on you
  • – Attend and utilize as many opportunities as possible. Example: camps, showcases, trainings, runs etc – Network, network, network
  • – Most coaches aren’t a fan of mix tapes. It’s best to also offer full game coverage and clips of all aspects of your play/ skills
  • – Academics and education is key above all else.

Thank you to everyone that tuned in and also gave him his flowers 💐.

 To learn more about Coach Ro and his services follow him on Instagram @coachrorussell


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