The art of balancing it all as a Baller Mom

What is a mom to do with 3 kids, and multiple sports? Well, she blogs it (Diary of of a Sporty Momma), shares her day with other moms, and of course enjoy each journey knowing that one day her kids will be all grown up and there will be no more driving them around.

Based in Miami, Florida;  Sharonda a.ka. ‘Sporty Momma’ is also the wife of former Toronto Blue Jays player Shannon H. Stewart, she’s  found a way to balance it all in a very artistic, informative and fashionable way.

With 3 active kids in various sports such as basketball and volleyball, she is not just a baller mom but a fun loving and a busy Sporty Momma.  

 In addition to driving, scheduling and cheering on her kids, she is also passionate and focused on empowering other baller moms to look and feel their very best.

Read more to find more on how she manages it all and then some as a baller mom in this month’s feature.

BM: What sports are your kids in?

SM:  All three of my kids are currently playing basketball. The oldest also played volleyball earlier this year. 

BM: What do you love about being a sports mom?

SM: I come from an active family. Everyone was either on a team, in a band, or creating something. I knew that when I had kids I would try to encourage them to be active as well.

What I love the most as a sports mom is watching their growth. It’s amazing to see them get better and better. I also love bonding with the families on the teams that we are part of. 

BM: As a mom, what’s your hope for your kids in their chosen field of sports?

SM: I really just want them to have fun. Everyone wants to play professional sports but it isn’t easy. We know this first hand. 

BM: How do you split your time between the kids schedule with sports, school and family?

SM: Our household is not your average household. My husband and I are both stay at home parents so everything we do is kinda based around the kids and their schedules.

We share the drop off/pick up routines and grocery shopping. It is definitely a tag team effort around here. This year is the first time that all three will be playing basketball at the same time.

There are some games that I can’t make because I am with the other kids. At first I was really sad about it but I realized that as long as one parent is there and sometimes even grandma may have to step in, the kids will be fine.

I do not cook very often. Maybe twice a week. We are regulars at the curbside pickup or drive thru lines in our neighborhood. When I do prepare meals, I love my crockpot. 

BM: Why is having your kids active in sports important?

SM: Any sport whether it is football, soccer, dance, cheerleading, volleyball or basketball teaches the importance of teamwork, discipline, moral values and work ethics.

The most important thing that I think kids can learn is working with others and diversity. 

BM: What about Off season? Is there ever an off season and if so how do you cope with the change of schedule?

SM: Our summers are still pretty flexible. We decided not to do any travel sports this year so over the summer we chill and go with the flow

BM: Development vs. Elite – how do you decide what level your kids should be in?

SM: My oldest played travel soccer and basketball for 4 years. The other two are just getting to that age. I think when coaches recruit you then you know you have an elite player. My husband and I do have a personal trainer to work with the kids but we don’t stress over them being “elite” athletes. 

BM: As a mom, what are some of the key things/values you focus on when working with a league, coaches and other families in your team?

SM: Hmm this is a good question. I think the best thing is to be open minded. You may think that you know the best position your kid should play or how to coach your kid but we have to let the coaches do their job. If it doesn’t work out, you might have to change teams and that is fine. As far as the other families, find your tribe and love them hard. You will know who they are.  

BM: What motivates you to keep doing all you do for your kids? 

SM: We love our kids and all we want for them is the best whether it’s on the court or in the classroom. My motivation is seeing them happy. I think that is all moms ever want.

BM: What/Who inspires you?

SM: My mom is my biggest inspiration. We didn’t have as much as my kids have now, but my mom was a single mother and worked so hard to give us everything that we needed. No matter if it was new cleats, money for trips or competitions, girl scout dues she always made a way.  She was and still is my biggest cheerleader and advocate. 

Baller Mom Rapid Fire Questions

In the next year… I see myself coaching other busy moms to help them redefine their lives.

Favorite Book

“You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero

Favorite Song:

“Who Runs the World” by Beyoncé

Favorite Movie:

“Love and Basketball” 

I love being a mom because

“it is the most challenging yet rewarding job that you can have. It is pretty special to watch this three grow into smart, loving, caring little humans.”

My life motto –don’t be afraid to ask for help!”

The best advise I’ve received

you only have 18 summers with your babies before they go off into the world. Cherish every minute!”

If I had one super power

“it would be to have a clone!” Lol

If there was a movie made about my life, I would want Kelly Rowland to play me.

Something nice I recently did for myself “booked a spa trip with my girlfriends.

Thank you Sharonda for allowing us to get to know you more and sharing your great tips for other Baller Moms. Your passion and dedication and of course sense of style is contagious.

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