Talking Ai & Sports Collision Conference 2023 in Toronto

What a difference a year makes. At last year 2022 Collision Conference, the main topic of discussions was on Web3, NFT and data currency.  At the 2023 Collision Conference the focus was on Artificial Intelligence ‘Ai’, ChatGPT and of course the projected trends and future of technology.

Returning as a media personnel, I had the opportunity to participate in press conference as well as conduct one on one interviews.

Similar to last year, the registration process  was smooth, the set was spacious and above all the line up of speakers was informative, educative and entertaining.

Many of the speakers were new and all had extensive knowledge on the topic they presented.

One interesting session I attended was the official press conference held by former NBA player Baron Davis who continues to return to this event every year. He shared what he has been doing since his retirement along with several businesses and investments he’s doing.  One of which is the  the SLiC – Sports Lifestyle in Culture. Speaking to attendees he advised the importance of digital footprints and why parents should continue to be their student athletes number one fan.

It was empowering to see new features added such as Black Tech – which was a panel discussion sharing the growth of black and BIPOC individuals  within the tech sector.

I also got the opportunity to listen on Women in Tech sessions, where speakers shared tips and ideas on why women in Technology is just as needed and important in growing the economy.

Returning this year, many Colleges, Universities, Banks and Municipal offices all had sections/booths that allowed them showcase what makes them unique.

Even though I was there as a media person from sports sector, I was happy to see the interconnections of sports, Ai, and technology.

On floor conversations with many start up individuals indicates that tech is ever growing and we should take time to embrace, adapt, learn and above all incorporate it into our lives in a way that bring us peace and joy.

From sports perspective, we should continue to encourage our student athletes to be mindful of their digital footprint, adapt as needed and always be a student in learning in this fast growing community.

I look forward to attending 2024 learn and incorporate tech into managing and supporting the Baller Mom Canada community.

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Also check out my one on one interview with Ariel Garten, the co-founder of MUSE an EEG powered sleep tracking and meditation device. As a sports community, this is one product that I recommend for anyone looking to find was of understanding their brain activities and looking for ways to incorporate meditation into their well being.

For more recap, visit my IG page as well as YT. Thank you to the staff and volunteers for making my second attendance enjoyable and educational, I look forward to 2024.

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