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Talking about natural hair and male perspective

It’s a fact, hair and skin care are NOT only for women. Being in the sports community, hair and skin care is one of the self care and maintenance factors that provides an added value and uniqueness to each athlete and their individual styles.

Particularly for black and BIPOC athletes, the growth of black men’s hair care reflects a broader shift in society towards embracing natural hair and diverse beauty standards. It allows black men to express themselves and take pride in their unique hair textures, fostering a sense of community and empowerment.

Speaking from a sports mom perspective while raising boys, I can attest that hair care is a personal choice that all athletes can incorporate into their overall grooming and self-care routines.

On July 23rd, I hosted a panel discussion at the 20th Anniversary of the Texur’d Hair and Beauty Show. Along with other four sports moms and their four sons, we shared our journey to managing hair care, skin care and how we incorporate it into our busy sports lifestyle.  What we learned is that as moms it’s just as important that we adapt and support our sons on their skin care and hair maintenance as athletes and as individuals.

The show also had various vendors with products and services for all hair and skin types, live music, performances and workshops. It was a day that allowed us to pause and take note of caring for ourselves outside of our usual gyms and fields.

Interestingly sports and hair culture are intertwined in various ways. Hairstyles in sports often reflect trends, personal expression, and even cultural significance. Athletes often use their hair as a means of showcasing their individuality or expressing their identity. 

Some athletes become known for their distinctive hairstyles, which can capture public attention and even become iconic. Additionally, certain sports may have practical considerations for hair, such as the need for certain styles to maintain performance or safety. Overall, the relationship between sports and hair culture highlights the diverse ways in which personal style and athletic pursuits intersect.

Focusing on the male perspective and black men’s hair care has seen a surge in emerging styles and trends in recent years. Here are some popular trends seen on athletes and for anyone interested in embracing, celebrating and styling their hair.

  1. Natural Hair: For those opting for styles that showcase the unique beauty and versatility of their hair such as afros, coils, and curls. 
  2. Protective Styles: provide versatility, promote hair growth and protect the hair from damage. Example –  braids, locs, and twists 
  3. Fade Haircuts: Offer a clean and stylish look, often paired with sharp lines or intricate design remains a classic choice, with variations like high fades, low fades, and skin fades.
  1. Beards and Facial Hair: complement various hairstyles and can be tailored to individual preferences to enhance their facial hair, emphasizing well-groomed beards, mustaches, and goatees. 
  2. Texture Enhancing Products: Provides moisturizing, defining curls, and enhancing natural hair textures, allowing for easier maintenance and styling.
  3. Creative Coloring: Allows for self-expression and adds an element of personal style to overall appearance. Example experimenting with hair color, adding highlights or dyeing hair in bold and vibrant shades.

Remember, individual preferences and personal style choices can vary greatly and following trends can be exhaustive. It’s always best to consult with a professional stylist who can provide personalized recommendations based on your hair type, texture, and desired look.

Regardless of which style any athlete has, being comfortable in their skin and personal style is one way of helping them excel in their athletic and personal journey.

Thank you to the founder of Texur’d Hair and Beauty Show Stephanie Joseph (who is also a baller mom) and all the other moms and their athletes that participated in this event with me.

I look forward to next year and continuing to share information and resources to helping our student athletes.

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