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Tag: student athlete

Monica Wiehler

Monica Wiehler is a multi talented athlete that plays basketball, always encouranging her teammates, friends and family.Prior to basketball she was a competitive dancer and

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Chloe` Collin

Chloe Collin is a multi talented athlete that’s fierce on basketball courts and ski slopes. As a current player with the Brampton Lady Warriors, Chloe

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Julissa James

Julissa James student athlete that cans solve rubic 3×3 in one minute. Her lovely baller mom Tricia inspires her.When it comes to academics Science and

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Keana Foz

Keana Foz is a skilled basketball student athlete playing with Brampton Lady Warriors, and in AAU division with UPlay Canada and Redrush Basketball.Keana loves basketball

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Stella Sgro

Meet Stella Sgro a member of the Brampton Basketbal Lady Warriors.Stella has been playing basketball since she was 7 and continues to work on her

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Immaculate Adarkwa

Meet Immaculate ‘Immy’ Adarkwa. She is a God fearing, family oriented, team player and dedicated to her education and sports.Inspired by her grandmother, Immy’s favourite

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