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The 4th annual Prep School Showcase hosted by Coach Mom Sharon Butler and her team successfully occurred after a year of hiatus due to the global pandemic.

During the weekend of Friday August 20th -Sunday August 22nd, 2021, in Toronto, Ontario this sought after event  provided student athletes and parents the opportunity to learn, share, gain meaningful experiences virtually and in person how what it takes to attend prepatory school along with athletic scholarship.

Effectively managed, timely communication, dedicated coaches, friendly and supportive staff, all COVID protocols followed, health and safety for all and most of all an elite on court experience for the athletes.


The Prep School Showcase allows parents the opportunity to understand the process and requirements to obtaining athletic scholarships for their student athletes.

There was virtual info sessions lead by individuals and organizations ranging from mental health, time management, and preparing for SAT/ACT tests. One of my favourite was the in personal physio therapist by Kevin Wilson of Full Court Physiotherapy that assisted in stretching as well as aiding and assessing injured athletes.


The in person experience included physical aptitude tests such as conditioning, training, techniques and overall opportunity to scrimmage all the while with scouts looking onwards.

In the end several awards and recognitions were provided along with motivational messages that resonated with the all in attendance.

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