Overview of Prep Teams & Prep Schools


If you have a child in high school (Canada) or trying to be ahead and prepare, then this listing is for you.

Using the 2022/23 (Oct. – Mar) season in Ontario, I have compiled a list of Prapatory/Scholastic teams and Non- Scholastic (Prep Teams) that had High School teams for student athletes.

Below are the High School Basketball Circuits listed (as of July 2023).

  • NJC/NSC – National Junior Circuit or National Senior Circuit
  • OSBA – Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association
  • The Platinum Circuit
  • Premier League by CYBL

What’s the difference:

  1. Prep Teams
  • allow your child to attend their own high school while still playing at a competitive level through a series of Prep Circuit/ tournaments
  • They are known to focus on athletics more and can be seen as another form of competitive Rep team depending on which circuit they participate in
  • There are potential opportunities for exposure through the amount of media coverage they receive

2. Prep School

  • Private school (in person/brick & mortar) or virtual educational institutions that has strong academic and athletic programs
  • Some travel during regular school season while competing during summer AAU season
  • Student athletes attend the school and play on the Prep team
  • Majority on this list are well known within Ontario, Canada
  • There are higher opportunities for exposure due to media coverage and strategic travel tournaments/game

Additionally , if you are looking to attend high divisional college/university in the U.S., note that coaches recruit students that attend Prep School.



*note* This is for guidance purposes only. As in anything ensure you attend tryouts or contact each school or team directly to help you in your decision making.