High School Student Athlete reference guide to Grades & GPA


A quick reference guide for understanding Graduation year classification, Canadian High School to U.S. High School terms and Grade Point Average (GPA*).

This is particularly good for those looking to attend school in U.S. or play in tournaments. Understanding the grade/age level will help you ensure your team play in the appropriate age group/class. This will also help you understand expected graduation year (without any reclassification).

Important things to note

  • The NCAA eligibility center/system only recruits student athletes for D1 and D2 schools
  • If you take academic courses, you are better set to meet NCCA eligibility/requirements
  • The higher the GPA the better opportunities and potential offers student athletes will get
  • Once student athlete is in grade 9, you can create a free NCAA account. Once in grade 10 (last semester) or grade 11, you can upgrade to paid account to get better visibility and exposure
  • Although SAT/ACT tests are no longer a requirement by NCAA, note that some schools and states may still ask for it
  • 5th year students, Post Grad, grade 13 students can also be looked at. Note that each school and state has different rules on that.


*note this is reference only. For exact calculation on determining your GPA in your region, contact your school guidance counsellor. Highly recommended to subscribe to NCAA newsletter you can be in the loop and know timelines and updated requirements.

You can also contact Sharon Butler of Coach Mom a more personal support and guidance to you.