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Kevin Wilson is the founder and President of National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program in Canada. 

The NBYMP provides one on one mentorship from professional athletes  to young athletes. 

The NBYMP is an innovative, non-profit platform that provides coast-to-coast professional guidance, education, and programming for youth in Canada.

Listen as Kevin shares the many services and programs they provide to athletes and organizations in person and virtually.

Key takeaways:

  • having a strong and supportive team is important when you have a vision/goal
  • being an athlete is more than loving and being at basketball
  • always have a plan B and don’t limit yourself
  • having Faith and solid spiritual beliefs helps you stay on course
  • providing financial literacy at an early age sets up kids for success
  • focus beyond your skills

To connect with Kevin and his amazing team go to our Resources page.

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