Here are organizations that has been approved and/or partnered with Baller Mom Canada to help you on your journey.

Learning Success for Youth Sports Teams

Raising Teens ain’t easy & Being a Teen ain’t easy. But thankfully there’s help.

The Learning Success™ program for youth ages 12-21, is now available for sports organizations and teams to utilize. Learning Success™ focuses on mindset, developing  executive function, academic, and social-emotional skills, as well as goal setting and action plan. The program consists of teaching videos and a workbook which is easily accessible via the Sutra app or website. It’s designed for small groups to go through together, creating increased team cohesion. Student-Athletes will also earn and receive a certificate of completion which they can use on their resume. This program helps increase self-confidence, improve study habits and grades, improve focus, time management and organization and will ultimately develop skills youth need to be more successful in school, sport, work and life. 
Visit for more information or contact us if this is a good fit for your organization.

Training Ground

On Demand learning experience for athletes:

Athlete Training Ground APP helps student athletes build confidence and skills through bite sized contents, resources, events, workshops, networking and mentorships

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