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What’s a sports mom to do when the season cuts short?

This is one of the many questions that have come up many times during qurrantine and experiencing the heatbreak of our sports season cutting short.

As a sports family we’re used to the daily hustling and bustling. This year’s sporting season was cut short due to the global pandemic of the Coronavirus “COVID-19”.

At first, we were in shock about missing a couple of tournaments but hopeful that it was going to be moved to a later date. As we all watched the news and saw the virus unfold around the world, our country, city and town, it became apparent that we were not going to be returning to the courts or fields.

Week by week we came to realize that a big part of our life was cut short. We were left to figure out how to manage our lives without the busy schedule of practice and tournaments, catch up with out baller mom friends, the teammates and everything that we enjoy as baller moms.

On top of this, schools closed and our homes became school.  Some of us moms had to work from home while other lost jobs or still putting their lives on the line and going outside thier homes to work.

Yes, these are uncertain times and it’s been a great curve or lessons for many of us.

Some have adapted to the changes while many continue to go by on a day to day basis.

Even though our season has been cut short, it has provided us time to spend with each other. It’s allowed us to connect with our teams virtually, learn new skills and above all realize that when our calendars are empty we’ll always find a away to still engage with our baller athletes, baller mom community and the sports as a whole.

Thankfully there are several organizations, coaches and individuals that are actively providing support, training and even entertainment to help our athletes stay active and still engaged. I applaud them for all that they have been doing to engage, educate and entertain.

Even though we’re still unclear if and when we’ll see each other, our families and friends, we are still Baller Mom family and together we’ll come through this somehow.

However way you are handling this time, I hope it brings you peace, rest and most of all a loving time with your athletes because our comeback will be stronger than our set back.

Wishing everyone continous safe and health.


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