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Step into One Stop Training facility and you’ll see all types of equipment and training materials to help you and your young athletes ready for any game day. 

Meet Fitness Specialist Jada, a certified Muay Thai, TRX, Kettle bell, sport specific, kickboxing and Level 1 cross-fit coach in the Durham region of Ontario, Canada. She’s the owner of One Stop Training Strength and Conditioning facility that focuses on building strong and healthy muscles for young athletes. 

While many of Jada’s clients range from 10yrs to 60yrs,  she’s always encouraging yet focused on getting her clients to go above and beyond their mind. Jada is an energetic and dedicated training coach for anyone looking to be active and stay healthy. 

We reached out to Jada and got her to share some tips for moms and their families to think beyond the traditional exercise and how best to stay focused as athletes. Get to know what motivates her to helping families in our feature below.


What services do you provide to sports moms and their young athletes?

I first got into training to be able to give our youth the maximum potential to achieve their goals in sports.  Adding sport specific training to an athlete enable them to reach the highest level.

As a training specialist, what do you look for when assessing new clients/athletes?

I look at their feet I know it sounds funny but you can tell a lot about an athlete through their gate (how they walk, stand etc.)

How should parents support their young athletes when it comes to exercising and body conditioning?

When I’m talking to a parent about adding fitness to their son/daughter regime, I just say “look at LeBron James he doesn’t get injured very often compared to newer athletes”.

As a new and young athlete, it’s important to know the benefits of muscle protection, because building strong muscle protect to protect their bone and healthy growth is so much more than just being athletic it helps in school, slows the mind, and more many more benefits which I can go on on and on forever.

What are 3 things that parents can do to help their student athlete stay healthy on and off the court?

  1. Find a trainer that you trust
  2. Do your research make sure they know what they are teaching our youth
  3. Diet is key

 Rapid Fire Questions with Jada

I love being a trainer because I love to help people.

My favorite song 

‘Dear Mama’ by Tupac

Favorite movie: 

‘Set It Off’ & ‘Bourne Supremacy’

My life quote –“You miss 1000% of the shots you don’t take”

Who inspire or motivates you?

The kids in my gym inspire me , my 60 year old client motivates me.

The best advise I’ve received is

If one door closes another will open.

If I had one super power,  I would like to fly so I could see the world 

Something nice I recently did for myself

…ummm this is hard cause I’m always helping others but I bought myself a dog

If there was a movie made about my life, I would want my friends to play their own self.

In the next year I see myself or my business growing

We recommend Jada and her team at One Stop Training for anyone looking to get additional gym time for their athlete or themselves.  Follow her on Instagram (@one_stop_training) or visit her Facebook page to connect.


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