Inspiring student athletes to become the best versions of themselves

Coach Ray is dedicated to inspiring families, students and his community.

As the co- founder of Coach Ray Inspires their mission is to help the next generation to become the best versions of themselves by connecting what they call the four pillars of a successful youth.

– Education
– Family
– Community
– Self-Confidence

Listen/watch as we discuss these in detail along with tangible tools to helping you and/or your student athletes to succeed.

As an author Coach Ray has written 2 books.

The Cheat CodeOwn It) all available on Amazon books.

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Coach Ray and his team are available for in person or virtual, I highly recommend you connect with him and begin your journey to being #inspired 

Key takeaway:

⭐️ Be the change you want to be

⭐️ To build confidence in your child  H.E.A.R) – watch full video to understand what it stands for

⭐️ Student athletes, it’s imperative that you Listen, Trust and Apply as part of your growth

⭐️ It’s OK to be a good Kid

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