Collision 2022: Connecting Technology with Sports

The 2022 Collision Conference took place June 20-23 in Toronto, Ontario.

This event was an eye opener for me as I hadn’t attended an in person event for a long time. Travelling via public transit to go downtown was an adventure in of itself, especially for someone that is always driving.  But it was worth it.

Upon arrival, I noticed the long line up for check in but it moved steadily as there were signs indicating all the different types of attendees (example – Media, Speakers, Vendors etc.)

Once inside I got the opportunity to meet many tech startups, investors, speakers and exhibitors.

Focusing on the sports sector, I interacted with many new tech companies and individuals that are doing great things to help student athletes. 

Here are the top 4 sports and technology companies that I met. Each is unique in their way and all have common goals of helping athletes during and after their sports career.

1.) PODIUM TEAM is an athlete center platform that provides each athlete to create their own content and share. It’s where fans and athletes meet.

This is a great option for student athletes that want to continue to build a personalized social presence without getting lost in the often saturated social media market.

Located in Toronto, they can be found by visiting their website or follow on Twitter @podiumteam1

2.) ScoutZOO is a platform that created to support Hockey athletes between the ages in F 14-18. This scouting profile platform allows student athletes to post their videos to perspective and vetted scouts from North America and Europe. To connect or sign up visit their website or on Twitter @scoutzoo

3.) SQUADFLOW APP provides student athletes the ability connect and communicate with their teammates.

Currently supporting Football athletes, the APP has many features such as Team Communication, Athlete Development & Resume and Analytics & Recruitment

To connect with them follow on Instagram @squadlfowapp or www.

4.) PANTHER TEC is a wearable Kinesthetic Awareness Training “KAT” device created and founded by Dr. Jo. Shattuck a former world ranked pro athlete and current neuroscientist & clinical researcher in movement disorders.

Panther Tec is a motion capture and correction wearable device for athletes and/or anyone going through rehabilitation.

For athletes the sensory vibration captures athletes movement and technique in real time. It then teach it back to them as a reminder to correct their technique.

The application also allows coaches or athletes ability to customize their margins of error and instruction technique for each use-case. As Dr. Jo says “This revolutionary system is changing the way movement is learned.” To connect with Dr. Jo and her team
follow them on Instagram: @pantherteckat

In addition there was many post secondary schools, entrepreneurial hubs, community organization, banking and finance sectors in attendance.  Many speakers including current and former professional athletes such as Josh Hart and Carmelo Anthony were in attendance.  Listening to them speak about how they incorporate their athletic career with business, technology and entrepreneurial aspirations was inspiring.

The event provided attendees the option to network with an after hours social downtown Toronto. Even though I personally did not attend, it is still a great option for anyone that was looking to continue networking, have fun and enjoy the night life in Toronto.

Overall, my experience at Collision 2022 as a media personnel was amazing filled with on floor interviews, speaker notes, interesting conversations with exhibitors and to top it off – my one on one interview with Marissa  Roberto from TSN.

It was good to see the various aspects of technology and how it’s part of our current life as well as what is to come.  I personally learned a lot and look forward to seeing where all these ideas lead us and what the future holds.

From a sports perspective, the connection between technology, the opportunity for athletes now and after is impressive and the option is endless.  

Finally, here are key takeaway from 2022 Collision Conference in Toronto.

  • “Don’t say this is the way we’ve always done it especially if that way hasn’t worked”
  • lots of unique ideas ideas and innovations in technology in the pipeline
  • E sports is BIG and should get all the smoke
  • Digital currency is here to stay, still be mindful of how you invest
  • NFT is building momentum so look into it
  • Understand your value and data you share
  • Be yourself and diversify, don’t focus just being an athlete. You’re more than that

For more recap, visit my IG page as well as YT. Thank you to the staff and volunteers for making my first attendance enjoyable and educational, I look forward to next year.

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