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Meet Manny Sahota, the founder of ZOR Basketball Academy, located in Brampton, ON. ZOR is a term in Punjabi that would be translated into English as effort or strength. 

I had the opportunity to meet Manny in the summer of 2019 at a workshop which his organization co hosted in conjunction with National Basketball Youth Mentorship Program.

I was impressed with his professionalism, support and ability to connect with all those in attendance.  His infectious smile and motivating words help everyone in attendance stay focused and dedicated throughout the 2 day event.

Shortly after, I reached out to Manny to get his insights on what motivates him and great tips to help moms, athletes and their families eliminate doubt.  

Over the course of the years my children have participated in many of his programs and we’ve seen the progress and growth in their development.

Recently in 2022, I sat down with Coach Manny to have in person talk about their program, where they are and what’s next.

ZOR  Sports Academy continues to provide great programs and tournaments to all athletes.  They host many camps and events that connects the Brampton and surrounding areas together.

With their permanent home at Game 6 Sports Center  (231 Trade Valley Dr) and continue to provide the much needed support for their community within the Brampton/ Vaughan area.

Watch and Listen as he shares his journey along with great tips for athletes of all levels.

They are active on all social media platform and is always ready and willing to provide support.  

Connect with them to help you increase your effort to eliminate any doubts.


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