Helpful tools to empower sports parents mindset

Oliver Levy is a coach, baller dad and the owner of Mindful Parenting Toolkit Inc @mindfulparentingtoolkit

Oliver has been empowering parents with tools and strategies to help shift the mindset around parenting.

Oliver has the ability to support parents at all stages of their life with tangible tools that will empower them towards positive and liveable homes.

As a baller dad himself, Oliver knows first hand the requirements of being a sports family.

Main take away
1) Dedicated Mindful Quality Time (MQT) with your child doing whatever they like. It can be as simple as 10mins of watching something with them

2) Allow the children to decide which sports they want and discuss with them before making decisions around registration

3) The things we say may stay with them far longer than we think, so choose words wisely

4) Start each morning (as much as you can) with positive words to help set the day with a good times. Ease up on they should or shouldn’t be doing so early in the morning

Listen as we discuss why being mindful is essential to raising our children.

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