A student athletes guide to scholarship, mentorship and recruitment

Bryan Harris is the founder of The Harris Brand Foundation.

Bryan is a father, former athlete and a student athlete consultant.

The Harris Brand and Harris Brand Foundation is a facilitator between students, schools and teams to support student athletes.

Some of their main focus is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge through a variety of programs and initiatives focusing on mentorship, consulting, sporting events and education.

Key takeaways:

  1. Academics is key to success
  2. Be real with who you are on all social platforms. Use your real name and know that nothing is deleted forever
  3. Read the find prints in everything. If you need support they will walk through it with you
  4. Personality and family dynamics are part of the recruitment process
  5. As parents we should take the mental health of our student athletes into consideration and support them

Listen as we discuss how and why they continue to support the community they serve.