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If anything, 2020 has been a year filled with change, awareness, realizations, recollections and reflections. And we still have 6 more months to go.

Starting with COVID-19 we’ve adjusted to a new way of life, education and socialiazation. Just when we were getting used to it and hoping for the day we can all see each other, we all became witnesses to the ongoing and injustice of hate, biases and racism towards black people through the hands of police.

As a black mother to two young athletes, racism, discriminations and biases are something that is always in the fore front of my mind. The events that have taken place these past few months has been heavy not only to me as a mom but to all of us as parents, coaches, leaders and community. Including myself and many of my black baller moms, we’ve always had a conversation with our black athletes especially our boys on how they should carry themselves especially in public spaces. However, these last few months, we had to revisit the ‘conversation’ this time with a heavy heart and hopes of better future.

Being a sports family we are not immune to systemic racism and biases that has existed for many years. Here at Baller Mom, we are just as motivated to ensure that all of our athletes, moms and famillies understand the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement.

One way of tackling this is through supportive conversations to provide a safe place for sharing experiences and thoughts towards inclusion for all.

While many have alaways and will continue to be inclusive, anti-racial and open minded, I’m pleased to see the growth and dedication of many new and existing leagues, organizations and leaders across the country addressing how they will engage with their members, families and the athletes to be inclusive and supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s also encouraging to witness many pro athletes use their voices, money, position, power and personal experiences to shed light and address racism in a profound and powerful manner.

We will continue to encourage positivie behaviour, sportsmanship, open minds and most of all acceptance of everyone especially our black athletes and their families.

The future in sports will not be the same when it comes to health but for social and racial matters, I’m hopeful that things will be better with clarity, acceptance and unity among us moms, athletes and the wider communities. We wil be mindful of how we treat, response, accept and speak up against racism, biases and injustice.

Hate is learned as much as Love is taught. This is why I encourage you to check on your kids, have an open and honest conversations with them, hear their thoughts and feelings and support them. If you yourself is in need of clarity, support or information reach out via email or in the contact page and we’ll be in touch.

As many have stated, this the the beginning and the marathon continues because we all win when we Support, Cheer, Unite with each other.

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