Alone you can go fast, together you can go far

Hello February

This month may be the shortest but it’s also one of the most fiercest one. Here’s why

✨ It reminds us to celebrate Love ❤️ even if it is just one day where attention is given most.


✨ We are reminded of the contributions, accomplishments, struggles and more made by black peoples and those of African descent.

Through conversations, re-education and empowerments we honour and respect those before us and those continuously paving way today and tomorrow (it’s a 365 movement 😉)

✨ We celebrate Girls and Women in Sports and the continuous call to support them on all levels. We honour everyone playing a pivotal role in showcasing all females and female identified athletes to play, set boundaries, set records and receive the respect they deserve. Lastly for all the younger athletes coming up to never give up and know they matter.

✨ We get another chance to welcome a new year in celebrating Lunar New Year (this year is Tiger 🐯). Allowing us to embrace our diversity.

So I hope we don’t think this month is short but rather enjoy each day and make it as memorable as possible.

Stay tuned for lots of info and fun I’ll be sharing throughout Feb 🤗

Let’s continue to Support Cheer Unite