About Baller Mom

Based in Toronto, Canada; Baller Mom Support, Cheer, Unite moms with positive, fun and information to help us and our athletes continue to excel. Currently serving basketball and soccer moms with athletes between the ages of 5-18 yrs.


Resources & Information from organizations, coaches, trainers, educators that supports student athlete’s sports journey. We also believe in highlighting our student athletes within the sports community to help them on their journey.


Show up to games or tournaments in any of our Baller Mom merchandise and make a statement. Check out the shop page to grab yours.


Every mom is a friend on this journey because it takes a village to raise a child let alone an athlete.  Baller Mom mission is to positively build and maintain collaborations & partnerships with individuals and organizations with similar values.

Join in to be part of this growing community of positive and supportive mothers.

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My name is Gifty and I’m the founder of Baller Mom Canada. I’m a mom of 2 boys living in Toronto, Canada. I founded Baller Mom Canada to build a community that provides positive encouragements to Basketball and Soccer moms and their athletes in all stages of their sports journey.

I passionately believe that we all rise when we support each other. This is why we’re not just sports moms, we are Baller Mom and  together we, Support, Cheer, Unite each other.

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