Meet the Founder

My name is Gifty and I’m the founder of Baller Mom Canada. I’m a mom of 2 boys living in Toronto, Canada.

I founded Baller Mom Canada in 2018 to build a community that provides positive encouragements to Basketball and Soccer parents and their athletes in all stages of their sports journey.

Being a parent to a dedicated athlete takes a whole village. I know from first hand how hectic any season can be, whether you have one child or more. From staying on top of schedules, updates, tournaments, practices, schools and home life. Sometimes we’re not sure if our children have the best support in helping them reach their potential.

I believe that we all rise when we support each other. This is why my mission is to positively build and maintain collaborations & partnerships with individuals and organizations with similar values.

In addition to my social entrepreneurship, I’ve been a member of parent council committees within my community where I actively advocate for the well being of the students, parents and community. 

I’m happy to connect with parents, coaches, and organizations by listening, learning and sharing experiences that Support, Cheer, Unite as one sports community.

If you would like to connect with me, please do so via the contact page and I’ll be in touch.


Gifty Kusi Appiah


Baller Mom Canada


Social handles: @ballermomcanada


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