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As we wind down to 2022 and settle into 2023, I’ll like to take the opportunity to do some reflections and thank the Baller Mom community for your continuous support.

Like many of us, I started 2022 with high hopes, plans and excitement. As we slowly found our way back into playing, travelling, competing – we adjusted our habits and schedules to fit our lifestyle as a sports family (old habits die hard, new habits still adjusting).

In 2022, I stepped out of my comfort zone and listened more, learned new things and talked without any pretense.

While each month brought us its own blessings, challenges and excitement – I  got to travel and share various stories through the love of sports.  Travelling to Montreal, Quebec, Pittsburg, PA, and many other cities surrounding Toronto, ON provided me the opportunity to see the vast talents, love and bond that sports provides to both parents and our student athletes.

Thank you to all the organizations and individuals that welcomed me to their events and programs. Thankful to have been able to conduct a total of 17 in person/on location interviews, events, tournaments.

Thank you to all the featured guests that appeared on Baller Mom Features for sharing their stories, journey and advices to us all.

I look forward to sharing more and showcasing more of you as we all continue on  this journey.

To the growing Instagram community, thank you for continuing to follow, engage and the many chats. I look forward to growing the page, sharing more stories, information and resources and most of all getting to finally meet you in person.

So dear 2022, thank you for seeing us through 365 days. Thank you or the memories and experiences (good and not so good). Thank you for not letting us give up but continued to challenge and support us.

2023 here we come 



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